Owing to the special setup of Q-PHASE, it is possible to intercept cell dynamics with good details. Studies of cell dynamics include cell growth, differentiation and proliferation, dry mass evaluation, investigation of cell motility and cell tracking.

Cell proliferation

Observation of cell proliferation is a long-term experiment where the non-invasiveness and label-free nature of TESCAN QPI microscope is a great advantage.

In video, sequence of 14 hours from observed rat sarcoma cells proliferation is shown. Owing to chosen color map, where points with higher cell mass densities are in yellow-red color and points with lower cell mass densities in blue-green color, divisions of cells are easily visible.

Courtesy of Jana Čolláková, Brno University of Technology.

Cell tracking

Reliable cell tracking in QPI is enabled owing to easy cell segmentation compared to other label free methods. Images below show QPI of human prostate cancer cells and tracks of chosen cells for following 2,5 hours.