Microscope configuration transmission inverted microscope
Microscopy techniques holography (quantitative phase imaging), epifluorescence, simulated DIC, brightfield
Objectives  magnification 4× to 60×
Objective turret 6-position, motorized exchange
Light source halogen lamp
Operating wavelength 650 nm
Sample stage motorized, 130 mm × 90 mm travel range
Focusing  motorized objective turret, 8 mm travel range
Piezo-focusing optional, travel range 500 µm
Lateral resolution 3.3 μm with 4× NA 0.1 objective, 0.57 μm with 60× NA 1.4 objective
Field of view objective dependent, up to 1.7 mm × 1.7 mm with 4× objective
Acquisition framerate 5.5 fps at full frame (option: higher framerates possible)
Reconstructed phase image size 1200 px × 1200 px
Illumination power at sample plane down to 0.2 μW/cm2
Phase detection sensitivity down to 0.0035 rad (0.7 nm at Δn = 0.5)    Δn - difference between refractive indexes of sample and surrounding media
Power  230 V/50 Hz (120 V/60 Hz optional), 2300 VA 
Dimensions (W × L × H)    1100 mm × 950 mm × 1620 mm  microscope with incubator, 2515 mm × 974 mm × 1620 mm total with operator table
Weight 350 kg (including microscope table, fluorescence module and microscope incubator)
Field and aperture diaphragms  
Side port available for fluorescence module or other additional techniques 
Microscope table with anti-vibration suspension 
Control panel with multifunctional touchscreen, sample stage joystick and rotary knobs 
Microscope incubator with computer temperature setting and temperature data logging (optional)
Stage top incubator for precise control of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentrations (optional)

Fluorescence module (optional)

Light engine Lumencor with 3 channels (optionally up to 5 channels)
Detectors standard CCD 1.4 Mpix (1392 px × 1040 px), optional high-sensitivity sCMOS 5.5 Mpix (2560 px × 2160 px)
Filters 3 multichannel filter cubes, motorized channel switching